bash: rpm: command not found

So today, I’ve been trying to install Adobe Flash Player. However, when I typed in
“rpm -Uvh <rpm_package_name_that_I_won’t_type_on_mobile>”,
I got an error saying that the command wasn’t found. It there any way of installing Flash on here? I haven’t found any solutions to my error (such as alternative commands or ways to install rpm support), and no other tutorials online have helped.

This message is because Parrot is Debian based and does not have rpm. dpkg is the package manager (Debian Package Manager) for Parrot (it does not take rpm files).

Well, Parrot is a derivative from Debian.
So, whatever Debian gives Parrot follows.
Similarly, to install a deb package, we just use
sudo dpkg -i packageName.deb command
to install packages that are on the official repo, we just use
sudo apt install packageName
Other than that, you can follow any instructions available on debian to standardize it to Parrot for any case you want.

Also remember, always use sudo parrot-upgrade to upgrade the system. or
sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Hope you have great time using Parrot OS.

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