Battery Damaging issue(Less Life Cycle after use)

I wants to ask that why Parrot os or any linux os was damaging the battery of laptop, my 2 batteries is replaced.
when I use windows battery works great without loosing the cycles of battery or any type of loss, but when i use Parrot or any other linux system battery started loosing the life cycles and giving just 30 min of backup instead of 3 and half hours like windows, this backup time is continuously decreased with time with linux systems.

please provide the solution for this because without linux system i am not able to do anything this is my primary os but i didn’t afford battries again and again.

I didn’t get to know actually what’s the problem with the linux os, may be i think it is power management issue in linux kernel.

please provide the sol for this issue as soon as possible.

thanks and regards

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Nobody answered this question. Same issue I’m also facing How to solve this?

Try optimising
Either with laptop-mode-tools or tlp
And don’t keep unnecessary applications running.

Though it’s normal to see a bit of difference in the backup because laptop manufacturer have designed it accordingly with windows and it behaves more effectively with it.

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Hi. No distros damage the battery of your laptop, at most it wears it out, but this happens gradually (for any operating system and computer this is the case). My advice is to use Powertop and TLP for better battery management.

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