Battery draining fast and overheating

Hello, I’m Ravi
I’m facing a problem i have install parrot as my primary OS but their is issue of battery draining and overheating problem.
my Laptop is not old i bought it last year and it is ASUS model
when i had used windows there is battery life still run 5hr+ and in parrot OS not more than 1:30 hr
help me to solve this problem.

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Hello dear
There is no cause for concern. I think that your processor seems somewhat weak and drains more energy, which leads to a device overheating. Also, the cooling of your device is somewhat weak. Note that there is a difference between a Windows system and a Parrot system. Usually, Windows does not drain more power than a device when you are working on a Parrot system. Your processor drains more energy, which leads to an increase in the temperature of the device. Also, a cooling fan. I think in portable devices, it seems weak. When a processor wants to gain more power, the device’s temperature also rises. The cooling fan rotates faster to maintain the temperature of a device. I suggest you use a desktop computer

It seems that this is not due to a system error, but rather because of your device. An important note to take into account. If you want to continue with this system, you must put a desktop computer and design it according to what you want and according to your needs. It seems that most will disagree with this idea, but this is the truth. I have been for years. I have been using this system for a long time. I have tried it with all laptops. It does not work completely. It hangs and slows down in the system. Overheating occurs. It also drains more charge. This is all due to the lack of tolerance of laptops for such systems. Then I decided to use a desktop computer. It gave me a great performance by trying a system instead of draining My money is to buy laptops that I want to use for the Parrot system. It does not give me the same purpose in a computer as my office. It is also easy to upgrade a processor, RAM and hard disk. As for laptops, it is difficult to upgrade, too. The cooling fans are weak.

Thank you bro for replying

ok you are welcome

Hey Ravi try running sudo htop to see all the processes running on the machine along with their CPU/memory stats. Generally Parrot uses way way less system resources than Windows, so maybe you just have something stuck in a loop or spamming the network. This happens to me sometimes with either virtual machines or Erlang shit.

If nothing looks sus there next thing I would check are the BIOS settings to sanity check if the CPU/Performance settings are… sane.