Battery is not charging in macbook

hi … i bought a macbook but there is an issue … its macbook pro 13 inch … i installed parrot os as a main maachine … i installed the charger but the light is orange and its not green and its not charging … so wht can i do with this issue???

charge is handled by the hardware firmware, not by the OS

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additionally apple didn’t authorize neither us nor the whole open source developers community to understand how their hardware work

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it now works fine

i have another problem … when i installed parrot first the F5 and F6 in macbook pro used to turn on and off the keyboard lights they worked properly but when i updated the distribution they did not work anymore

what can i do with this ???

do the keyboard lights work by booting the system with the precedent kernel?

yes it works but i cant control it first when i installed the linux they worked before update but after i updated the kernel the keys did not work and the keys lights are always on and i cant control them from the buttons in the top of keyboard …

we updated the kernel from 4.17.8 to 4.17.17, let me know if it fixes your bug

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shall i type apt install linux-source ???

no it did not fix the bug … i typed apt-get upgrade …but it did not work

NEVER use apt upgrade in parrot

use apt full-upgrade instead

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Hi, I am also getting the same problem with my battery, the battery is not charging my macbook. even I installed parrot operating system and installed the charger but still is not working means charging. Once, I couldn’t resolve the Macbook freeze issue in my mac, by the help of Apple Customer Service Number I resolved my issue.

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Once I was facing the same issue, So, first of all, Resetting the SMC on a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Retina MacBook with a non-removal battery is easy and done as follows: Shut down the MacBook by going to Apple menu & Shut Down. Connect the MagSafe power adapter. Otherwise I recommend to call apple customer service number for instant help.

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