Battery management problem

Hello everyone, I’m on parrot xfce 4.11 but the version is not important because I always had this problem with all versions of parrot and also with kali linux but no problem with the other distributions even with debian 11 bulleyes.
My problem is the following my hard disk makes noise I think it is a configuration problem and where a module to remove but after several researches I found nothing conclusive.thank you in advance for your help.

It is really hard to guess the problem of your PC / disk. The most possible reason is BTRFS disk format. Other reason could be something is running as service / process.
Are you sure other versions like Mate / KDE doesnt have this problem?

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hello i changed my settings to ext4 (fstransform didn’t work even with the --forced option) so i reinstalled it now i think i can disable demons and processes that are not necessary example apache2 etc… if you know parrot well did you have an idea on what i can disable without concern ? thanks for answering

I will wait (before disabling the services/process) a few hours to see if the ext4 modification has solved the problem I will come back to you at the end of the day thank you

hello the problem is not solved unfortunately here are the modules to activate I hope that it will give you a more precise idea because I have no knowledge of the modules and of surcroix I am french so the technical terms do not help me.thank you in advance.

hello this is what happens when it arrives

i’m remove locate but the problem is not solved