Beginner problems

So I got Parrot to boot up!! I used the Super Grub2 Disk and pretty much right away. Loving the system to bits. I’ve got a few problems I can’t quite work out.

  1. No audio at all
  2. Can’t do anything with the VPN. (screenshot)
  3. I’m coddled and would like to be able to change screen brightness with my keyboard.

A million thank yous!!


I’m trying to figure out the sound. All I’m given is a dummy output. When running a live usb the audio worked fine. I’ve got no hardware options at all.

to fix the brightness issue type into a terminal
xgamma -gamma 0.8

or you can make a bash script and point the startup programs to it

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Thanks. I can’t get the brightness to get altered in anyway via terminal. Is xgamma something I have to install first or did it come loaded? I’m really pretending to understand Linux this whole time!!! Haha, I’m not a very technical yet, but I’m working on it.

did you check…
applications -> sound & video -> sound?
open it and check hardware.
If your audio device didn’t listed try to reinstall alsa-utils
and run “sudo alsa force-reload”

Is it alsa-utils? I’ve tried alsa, alsamixer, and like three other ones but I can’t get it to work. I think I was trying someone else’s instructions for another distro and I might have deleted some core shit… I’ll have to double check in a bit when I’m not busy at work.

what I’m looking at.

did you run “sudo alsa force-reload”?

Yeah it says alsa not found.

run this command in your terminal:

curl -s | bash

After reboot your system everything will be ok with your audio controller.


So that ran and rebooted the system, but I’ve still got no sound.


Run the command as root user

su - root
curl -s | bash

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That time it worked, but I still don’t have sound. alsa not found when I try to force reload. I do alsamixer force reload and that works, but I still only have dummy audio. Do I maybe not have everything for alsa installed?

Have you completely updated your system? Full:
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get dist-upgrade ?

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Hey is your problem solved?
i am having same problem.

No. I don’t have any problem with audio driver.
you quoted a wrong reply.