Best way to help Parrot?

I read the recent blog post and although I cannot currently afford to make a donation at this time I would like to help contribute something if I’m able.

Is there a place where I can best find out current issues, todo list needs, documentation needs that need help etc?

EDIT: I have found Parrot’s Nest page & am going to register. I will see what else I can find there. (If anyone from the project has anything else to add on this thread it might attract others to participate)

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As of what I’m being told of, you can help this project, their devs & the community in many ways.

You can spread a word about the project and involve more and more people via social media. You can donate to the project as well & help server to stay running. Invite users to try and test out their product. Share your experiences. You can help share your code, bugreports, suggestion for improvements as well. You can also help fellow community members to solve their issues if you are able to do so. You could maybe create tutorials & How-to’s with regards to pentesting & programming using ParrotOS in our community’s Random section (This is all what I was told by @RedRuby )

Its a Free & Open Source Software. More involvement from more users, devs, Bug-hunters
& interns would be great. I was also informed that this project is looking forward to grow itself like never before so that’s great!


I have made a couple tutorial videos/blog/social media posts so far and going to try to branch out to get more involved. I love the idea behind Parrot Distro.

Thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:


@RedRuby & me have literally spread the word in whole batch about this. In last few days, atleast 25-30 of my friends & classmates from our college campus have been interacting with the OS… shifting over from Backbox, Fedora security, Kali & Dracos.

Most of them liked it, few of them prefer Blackarch over ParrotSec because its more raw and has more tools, but really I personally utmost have need of 50-60 tools so no worth of having OS with 3000+ tools when I utmost use 60. Besides, Parrot is decent on resource as compared to blackarch. Few are even considering donating few bucks too. Some, just like me, are considering helping devs in one way or another. :smile:


If you can do python programming and more, please ping me in telegram, @dmknght


Quick question, what would you need a python programmer for generally?

I believe expert skills is not needed for this. Just some idea for pentesting tools (new tools , new ideas or upgrade old tools)


I’d be willing collab, I have some experience in Python. Depending on what exactly you need / time schedules I’d be willing to give it a shot

I am having 2 ideas and 1 project:

  • Idea:
    • Create a header scanner (yes there are projects online but i want to do create 1 new tool for Parrot Sec edition)
    • Something can replace wfuzz
  • Project: I am writting a GUI interface for nftables firewall and i’ll do more for it (Control ClamAV, security log analysis and anything can improve security). I want to do features like Enterprise solutions.
    So if you and anybody interested in it, please contact me @dmknght, so we can discus and work together. I will ask Palinuro to add helpers to Parrot group as well (can be contributors or more, and ofc the names will be on docs -> team)

I’d be willing to help with those! I will message you abit later on Telegram to talk more about it, @dmknight right?

no i in the name. just @dmknght.

Experience with perl, learning python now. Love to help in future!

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That would be great! I think perl can do the works as good as python but focus on 1 language only could be better.

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as you can see we need helping hands everywhere. In our forum, telegram groups, etc.
So the best way to help is to help other parrot users … like in real live.
If we find nice howtos here we can add it later to docs.
And the best supporters will add to the team if they want … and got new possibilities. :slight_smile:

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Meet mentioned Community-> Random being a spot that tutorials could be written so I’m going to give that a go. :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha got it, I will send you a message today!

Thanks! Hopefully i won’t miss it because my head is going around the huge todo list :confused:

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