Bettercap is running on background

When i checked which of port is currently used for listening using command

netstat -tulpn | grep LISTEN

I found that bettercap is running on background and is actively listening. I tried to remove the same using kill command but it comes back.

Yep it the same for me. If you use,

ps -eF | grep bettercap

There you should be able to see on, thats what makes it listen on 8081. I havent found out why yet, it changed since the newest version.

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Thanks for reply, i had to uninstall bettercap since other method to stop it was not working.

So bettercap has added a new service that starts on boot to handle API requests (
You can see the service here

You can stop it using

sudo service bettercap stop

You can prevent it starting at boot using

sudo systemctl disable bettercap
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That is the answer i was looking for. Thanks for making it easy.

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