Black screen after start up

i turn on my computer , click GNU/Linux then the parrot logo start screen comes up and then the screen goes black. screen back light is on after Parrot logo


There are already countless articles on this topic. please use the search function before you open a new post!
There is also a blog that explains the problems from the last days / weeks well.

please give us a few more infos about your system!
do you have a nvidia card?

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Before you go assuming I used the search function way before I posted this. There has not been one solution for me. I have Intel integrated graphics. Can you link the blog please. Also there is no different kernel to choose besides 20 despite the fixes I read

excuse me, but you did not mention that with any word!
I also can not find any information about the version used or whether do bios or uefi boot use.
that does not make it easy for the community to help you! :wink:

HERE you can find the article with the problems that concern us at the moment.
please be patient!


i am not completely sure what you are trying to ask but i downloaded and installed Parrot using Rufus Bootable USB and i guess i boot from bios? Before i installed it asked if i want to install flashdrive (name) UEFI. Thanks for the blog link!

parrot 4.6 or 4.7 iso?

Parrot 4.6
Where can i find 4.7?

4.6 is ok. 4.7 is beta!
give us more details pls.
you should use etcher for creating the install. stick
look at THIS

Etcher is not working at all. I tried flashing Parrot 4.7 which i just downloaded and its not working. I keep getting an error and have to make a new simple volume and set a letter for the USB stick on my windows computer

Please use this command: xset -dpms s off s noblank s 0 0 s noexpose
It’s better to implement this command at system startup, i did it and i have no problem.

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