Black screen after upgrading my OS

Hi everybody,
I upgrade my os with the cmd apt dist-upgrade. After that, I reboot the laptop and after logging in I noticed a black screen. I can only see the task bar. Thanks for your help.

I’m running ParrocSec 4.9 KDE edition 64bits

Be sure to use the required question formatting for Support next time:

Support Guidelines

Next time around for upgrades, use:

sudo parrot-upgrade

Filling in question format answers helps us narrow down your problem.

If you edit the post, most importantly: include logs/errors (ex: related to if this was a grub error or boot init/x-windows?), we will relist the question for viewing/answering.

Right now we don’t have very many details to go on.

Please I don’t really understand :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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