blank screen while parrot installation

i am using a DELL inspiron 5558 touchscreen model, using windows 10 as main os, i wanted to use parrot os, i made a bootable disk using rufus 16.2 and tried installing the os , i only see a black screen with out any logo nor any GUI in the screen only backlight of the laptop screen is seen and nothing more i waited for more than an hour for it to install,

could some one help me with my problem.

Have you ever used that flash drive for a live usb? If not using a different one could work. Some of them are finicky and some may not work at all. Like with tails some of them can work with the tails installer but won’t work as the original. The best ones are those cheap blue ones from walmart. might work better.

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there is no error with the flash drive, it is working perfectly as a live usb in other PC and laptops, i have enen updated my BIOS still no use, it does the same, even i tried booting KALI linux i got the same blank screen without any logo or any booting operation.