blinking cursor and faild to load apparmour

So i havent used my laptop for over 5 months and i ulgraded parrot yesterday and when i tired to boot i get blinking cursor and if i try to boot from recovery mode i get failed to load apparmour

I also tried to boot from different kernel but still dosent work.

Please guys i need some help i have important files and documents than i need for a lawsuit that i’m facing next week


long story short. boot a live distro from usb and you will have your files.
after that we can try to repair your system.
how do you upgrade?

Normal sudo apt-get update the i turn off the laptop then i could boot in the system btw i have widows 10 on the system but i use external sdd to boot parrot

apt update makes no upgrade! :wink:

apt upgrade or parrot-upgrade or apt dist-upgrade?

Aw yeah sorry i meant upgrade no update

parrot is a rolling distro … apt upgrade breaks is.
i would copy my data from the system with some live distro and then make a clean installation.
only use sudo parrot-upgrade for updating your system!

Ok thanks a lot i will update on how it went !

Hey i did it fam . Won in court btw thanks to the company . Thanks @rowie

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