Bookmark in firefox browser

(zerar oclif) #1

When I first start the OS then open firefox browser I saw some awesome link to learn, but after i start annon surf it’s clean all the cached.
Could anyone can provide me that bookmark please ?

(Matt) #2

The ‘learn’ bookmark folder contains:

(hashtag) #4

Just some extra info. When you register for you get a lot of information about security, protocols, etc. Also you can try Cybrary. :slight_smile:


Can anyone upload the book marks for Pentest and Privacy as well?

(Matt) #6

There is bound to be an easier way to do this, but oh well…




I agree but I really appreciate the upload.

Thank You!


Here is an HTML file that can be imported into Firefox for anyone in need in the future.

bookmarks.html.gz (40.1 KB)