Boot Parrot USB pendrive in BIOS or UEFI


I’d like to ask if anyone tried to install parrot to a usb, which usb can boot from either legacy BIOS or UEFI? I’ve made such a USB pendrive with ubuntu 20.04. After booting the live ubuntu in UEFI mode, creating the necessary partitions and installed the system to the pendrive, i had to copy the /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc folder to /boot/grub, than rebooted the system in legacy BIOS mode, chrooted into the installed system, added the grub-install /dev/sdx command, and with the presence of the i386-pc folder the grub was installed. Because i don’t find the /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc folder in the parrot live system, how should i make my USB pendrive to boot either in legacy BIOS or UEFI?

Thanks any help!


Go to boot mode to change from UEFI to Legacy and it should work ??

Thanks for the link! I will check the video tomorrow! For now i just installed a Parot OS, copied out the i386-pc folder to a NAS, than installed the OS in UEFI mode, copied the i386-pc folder to the right place, and everything worked just fine.

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