boot problems

hello everyone
After updating my parrot Linux, i started experiencing issues when booting my machine. I get a critical temperature has been reached error and my laptop shuts down but after a few tries powering my laptop it finally boots. please help!!

my current parrot sec version is 5.3.0-3parrot3-amd64 , is installed as Debian Standard and no multiboot. i have a HP Notebook 15 laptop

Welcome brav! :slight_smile:

Sounds like either processor or video card is reaching high temperatures awful quick. This causes a shutdown for hardware safety.

can you boot into ACPI off mode and check /var/log for any errors directly surrounding the critical temp shutdown? Please paste the msgs so we can try to figure out the cause. Use Pastebin if you decide to include more than 40 lines of logs.

Also, if you do paste logs directly in here, please highlight it & use the </> button to format it into a neat frame.

Thanks, and looking forward to your response/logs

Is the machine fanless? I own a fanless HP 14(bs153od) notebook which is extremely similiar to the HP 15xxxx models , if so it sounds probable that all the processor usage from the update and rebooting just had it running too long too warm especially if the laptop sits on top of its vents. It would be helpful to know more about the exact situation and the state/exact specs of the machine, and most importantly any unusual behaviors since the incident to get an idea of any potential damage.

the machine is not fan less and since i first started experiencing the problem, there has not been any unusually behaviour. It just displays the error but after several attempts it finally boots up

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