Boot screen stucked

im running latest latest Parrot Sec os.
The issue begin after downloading almost 25+ gb of private files and after sucessfull shutdown. after an hour when i tried to open
pc its getting stuck on booting screen of parrot os logo.
please help me with this situation.
the grub is working good everything is fine but its getting stuck on parrot logo

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were you updating and interrupted the updates ? coz it gave me a hell of headache.
Do the following:
1)press ctrl+alt+f5
2)apt-get install cinnamon-control-center-data -y
3) apt-get install gdm3 -y
4) apt-get update –fix-missing
5) systemctl restart gdm.service
6) dpkg --configure -a
7) apt-get update
8) parrot-upgrade
9) reboot
\after this it gives a kali linux desktop after login,restart the machine until you get parrot-login screen then you just uncheck mate for gnome.
if it helps farewell :blush:

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