Boot USB : linuxiso missing or corrupt

Briefly describe your issue below:
Hi, I’m new here and I’m trying to live boot with an USB as described in the wiki but I’ve encountered each time this problem.
I’ve downloaded from the website the iso amd64, formated my USB to FAT, used Etcher to flash it and pressed F12 to choose to boot using the USB drive. Then black screen with printed “linuxiso missing or corrupt”.

What version of Parrot are you running? (4.2.2, Parrot-security, amd64)

What method did you use to install Parrot? (Debian Standard)

Configured to multiboot with other systems? (no)

If there are any similar issues or solutions, link to them below:

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Have you checked the hash of the ISO vs the one displayed onsite?

I’m sorry I haven’t checked. Here it is :

On the website :
eb47118cd4a70ed93fc9a80af5f283e2 Parrot-security-4.2.2_amd64.iso
8f97082094f5bf617fda59f1479318888d1ba57b Parrot-security-4.2.2_amd64.iso

On my laptop:
$ md5sum Parrot-security-4.2.2_amd64.iso
eb47118cd4a70ed93fc9a80af5f283e2 Parrot-security-4.2.2_amd64.iso
$sha1sum Parrot-security-4.2.2_amd64.iso
8f97082094f5bf617fda59f1479318888d1ba57b Parrot-security-4.2.2_amd64.iso

Seems like the downloaded file is ok.

By the way I’m sorry the error is not linuxiso missing or corrupt but isolinux.bin missing or corrupt

Dont extract it just download the iso and open etcher and go from there. When you go to boot, boot into bios first, disable secure and safe boot and configure boot from usb settings/priorities. Plug in your drive and reboot into the usb you should be ok

I had the same issue it seems like your install on the flash drive might be corrupted like mine was. try reinstalling the install iso on the flash drive.

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Hi, I reinstalled the iso with the new version (Parrot-security4.3).
I also changed bios settings, and now it works perfectly. My boot USB settings was FDD mode, and using HDD seems to have changed everything.
However I’m far from being an expert (I’m not used to this kind of issues), so it is also possible that I missed why the issue was fixed.

Thank you all.