Booting problem with parrot sec 4.11

I tried to install parrot security 4.11 kde with USB bootable on dell optiplex 7040, the installation was successful but if i reboot the system it will boot directly to the same USB drive and if I remove it won’t boot.

I set it up with:
512mb efi
1gb ext4 with /boot flag
900gb / btfs
18gb swap

My BIOS on UEFI mode.

Please I need help

Hi @G18

I own a Dell Optiplex 7010. Where did you have the Calamares installer write Grub2 to?

I have two hard drives installed, the 1st is 1tb ssd and the 2nd 2tb hdd I installed grub in the 1st hard drive where I installed the system.

I found a way to install it successfully by booting to a live usb drive and choosing replace instead of erase.

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