Bootloader-config error (failed to finish in 600 seconds)

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I have the same problem

I downloaded the latest version of Parrot security edition, I have the same problem too but later resolved it it… I just install Parrot os using manual installation that’s all

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ok thanks sir i will try to install it manually.

I just downloaded and I have same problem trying to install on vbox

same problem with when installation parrot os 4.11.2 how to solve plz help

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how plz help install manualy

hey bro plz make a video on youtube and send link i want to install i have same problem plz help bro

Please follow Install Parrot - Parrot Documentation
or Dualboot with Windows - Parrot Documentation

I’m having this same issue and I’ve tried manual and automatic partition configurations as well as reinstalled 3 times and it has done it every time. I know what I’m doing isn’t causing it because I’ve installed Parrot as well as other Linux OS’s. I don’t know what else to try… Any suggestions.

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I had the same problem with the last version, but I fixed the error by installing the “grub-pc” package before starting Install Parrot, a package that should come in the iso by default