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I am running the full Parrot suite 4.7 in VM Ware. No problems. I have also run Parrot Home (installed) which, while lighter, is just too light for me. In Home the Firefox browser has a number of very useful buttons in firefox to check ip, dns leaks (I think), privacy links etc. Very handy. How come the full Parrot suite doesn’t have firefox loaded with the same options? Likewise, home has two versions of firefox, but not the full suite.

Have I missed something?

Just a follow up…I sort of just did it myself and improved the Parrot config.

I had been using Kodachi, but found it too heavy with things and slow. Parrot however offers what I need and is fast.
I went back into Parrot Home and grabbed the addresses from the folder that were there, and in addition, I went into the Kodachi loaded browser and grabbed a whole bunch more. Now I have firefox loaded up with all of the things I was talking about, and then some. It was tedious but its a good result.

But I still can’t understand why the browser in Parrot Home has these things, but not the full security version.

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Even there are two FF- one Firefox and second Firefox ESR, when opening “about” in each Firefoxes -it shows that both of them are ESR (Extended Support Release) versions. So what are the differences between them? :thinking:

What I am talking about, and I wasn’t that clear, is that the Home edition has helpful bookmarks pre-loaded on the Bookmarks Toolbar whereas these don’t exist in the full security suite. I ended up customising my own by taking the ones I wanted from Parrot home and also from Kodachi (which has a great selection) and made my own. I now have a great selection of things related to security and other things in my browser. Its now far more comprehensive than any of them.

My post wasn’t meant to refer to the versions of the browser.

Sorry for misunderstood then :wink:
But my question remains -I still can’t see any difference between regular FF and ESR… Maybe someone can explain, please?
And I’m sorry for steeling this post for this question…

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