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Hello, I have Parrot OS on VBox on a Windows Machine. And in Parrot I am unable to connect to a website via a browser window. I can ping no problem but when I open Firefox and try to connect to a website, it times out.
In the VBox Network settings I have it attached to Bridged, Promiscuous Mode: Allow VMs and Cable Connected checked. My Linux Mint VM can browse no problem, which makes me think it is in the OS.
I could always just reinstall the VM but would like to learn through the fix.
Thanks for the help.

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I am using Parrot 4.1 x64 bit and I used the Standard Install.
It is not configured to multiboot. It is a VM through VirtualBox.

Has no one seen this issue before? Like I said I could always just reinstall the vm but would like to learn why it happened.

Did you figure this out? I am guessing as you can Ping you are connected. Did you try telnet/nc on port 80/443 to a website to see if it connects? Did you try running Firefox-esr version to see if it is a config issue?

If nc/telnet doesn’t work, then maybe your VirtualBox is blocking http/s ports outbound.
If nc/telnet works, then it is likely a config issue in either firejail or firefox. Try running a new firefox profile, or running it without firejail… as sudo or something.

Guys please disabled proxy settings from Firefox and check it.


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