Build MacOS on Unix

Considering that MacOS is a Unix based operating system could it be possible to create a knockoff MacOS that can functions just as a mac would?
maybe ripping code from the devs?

Unfortunately this would be illegal due to the way Apple has their licenses. Similar, yes there are several themes available for this combined with the right DE can give you a similar visual experience. The system is a custom BSD kernel, so legalities aside yes you probably could. . but why when you have better options IMO.

The reasoning, there are some design software that is available for mac that i wanted to try, i was looking to install unity 2D game creator and there was another software that was available for mac and windows to make PCBs, lastly macbooks are expensive and i wanted to practice breaking into one without having the $1200 price tag.

If the software is designed for Mac a similar operating system wouldn’t solve your problem.

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