BurpSuite Update

First post in here!

I’m on the latest version of Parrot. I’ve installed Burp 3.8 and since deleted it after releasing it was already installed (only 2.4).

Trying to find where the dir for this is located so that I can update the version that’s already installed with Parrot. (This is an OCD thing, as Burp worked fine when I’d installed it)


Hi @RyanPaulGannon

I think installing into /opt is the preferred place of installing external packages. But (via apt) burpsuite by default on Parrot is installed in /usr/bin/.

└──╼ $cd /usr/bin/
└──╼ $burpsuite --version
2022.2.4-12081 Burp Suite Community Edition 
└──╼ $ls -lah burpsuite 
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 504M Mar 22 12:39 burpsuite
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Appreciate the reply! All sorted now.