BusyBox v1.30.1 (Debian 1:1.30.1-6=b3) built-in shell (ash)

Hi i am using Parrot Os Desktop edition (4.11) and after three weeks of excellent work, i turn off the computer, and when i power on the computer it takes to much time and after all BusyBox i search in youtube how to fix it, but i don’t found a solution. I am writing this in recovery version, why i should do to fix it? (sorry for my bad English i am learning)

  • **ParrotOS iso in use:Parrot 4.11 Desktop edition

What are your last operations in the system? And the last commands in the terminal?

I don’t remember very well, but i do normal things, i do school things, maybe i install Latex, but nothing weird

please i am having the same error right now … and my last command before the system hung and reboot is “sudo apt full-upgrade --fix-missing”

so i got this option when hit the “exit” command at the boot
please what should i do right now @tissy