Caja File Operations - USB Sticks

Caja file operations hang’s really bad or just stops close to the end when trying to copy to usb stick, it seems this is mostly with anything containing an iso file even in zip format, just was wondering if there is any reason for this?

Also when trying to reformat my usb stick it would not show up in linux unless I formatted it on windows, i used both gparted and fdisk and it would not show up unless I went over to windows and formatted it there, any solutions?

Instead of using Caja try copying via the terminal. Also mount the drive to the /media folder.

I already did try in terminal and it is mounted in the media folder also seems to be only an issue with iso files and usb sticks, normal ext or nfts hard drives do not have the problem both with any file manager or the cp command but with usb sticks they do, so was thinking there is a vfat problem, also since I had problem formatting the usb with fdisk, mkfs and gparted

is it fine with other file formats? If yes try moving the file instead of copying