Calamares vs debian-installer mbr vs uefi troubleshooting

Hi. Is it possible to install Parrot using old debian - installer from Live iso? I see that it is there, but when I click on it, nothing happens.
On the other side Calamares insists on uefi boot, but I need it alongside Windows 7,which is MBR. When I install Parrot os this way, I can’t boot into Windows, because it shows only uefi boot entry of Parrot… With old installer I haven’t had any problems…
What if I install Windows 11 alongside Parrot? Would it be this way visible from boot menu, because they are both efi boot?
Please I need advice.

Don’t use old iso’s just because of installer, you might face bugs which might not get fixed after update and we’re not responsible for it, nor it can be support.
Due to reason that debian installer had many errors, it was removed in latest releases.
So kindly proceed with calamares, you can also install it in mbr
you would give /boot/efi for uefi but for legacy just give /boot.
you can get more info on the internet, and also refer the

It’s easier said than done. My BIOS is UEFI and windows is on MBR. I tried every possible way and no luck.
You said /boot, but unformatted, fat32, NTFS? What flag? I can’t find any useful manual for this.
Debian-installer was super-easy. In previous Calamares program there was an option to choose where boot loader would be installed, but in newer, there is no that option…

Hello. Yes. Recent versions of Windows (10, 11) cannot be on an MBR partition. It will be in GPT, as it should be everywhere. Then you need to install Parrot in UEFI mode. Just follow method 1 described in the documentation Dualboot with Windows - Parrot Documentation

I do not recommend having MBR partitions. It would be better to format everything in GPT and then proceed with the installations. For your information, the ESP (/boot/efi EFI System Partition) is usually formatted in FAT32 (the reasons behind this relate to UEFI specifications, and nothing can be done about it). I recommend that you find out more about these things, which are not just about ParrotOS.

Thanks for reply. So basically, I need to install Windows that is newer than 7, right?

You can use Windows 7, but your HDD/SSD must have the same partition table (so either MBR or GPT). In your case, I advise you to format everything, and install the latest Windows (10 is better IMO) and then ParrotOS. Or you could be a good guy and just install ParrotOS :smiley:

I changed my HDD to GPT. Now I can enter either Win - either ParrotOS, but I have not bootloader to choose from… In order to enter 1 or 2 , I must change order in BIOS now…

Grub should be installed by default, otherwise you install it manually.

Yes it is installed. After setting to “Parrot” as default boot -there is GRUB menu with all options (and Windows boot too). So changing legacy-mbr Win7 was not enoug -I ended with installing Win10 along with ParrotOS and now is everything ok… Mixing legacy with UEFI (mbr and gpt) went very chalenging :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks danterolle :wink: