Can i Install Anonsurf on Debian 10

hey i have been using parrot for a while now , and i love it , and then it hit me , can i install Anonsurf on Debian 10 , and how do i do it,

im still kinda new tho :slight_smile:

maybe THIS helps you.

thank you im gonna try this out in the near future and report back :slight_smile:

it is fine. I have modified anonsurf a little bit and used it in debian before.

hey sorry for a late answer first of all …
but i tried the guide above the person posted and after i installed anonsurf and started it then my debian 10 machine not wanna connect to the internet , and not even after i restarted it either , i did exactly as the guide said…

can you please tell me your settings so i can try make it working :slight_smile:
i might miss something out i don’t no about im still sorta “new”

You may want to check your /etc/resolv.conf. Our anonsurf will replace dns settings. You would have to replace your torrc file too (i don’t remember this step exactly)

thanks for information :slight_smile: if you suddenly remember how to do it please tell me :smiley:

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