Can MyPublicWifi be used in Parrot?

1.Wondering if the Application MyPublicWifi can be used in Parrot or if there is something alike to it but safe to get.

  1. Can AnonSurf cooperate with MyPublicWifi so that i can connect to the wifi app with other devices?

3.How does one uninstall apps that one has installed ?

MyPublicWifi is a application that can be used to make my laptop give a wifi signal boost so that i can connect to the internet just by having my laptop as a router using that app.
Thanks to anyone that can help me solve these questions.

MyPublicWifi is for Windows i think. :slight_smile:
You can simple share your i-net under linux without any software. There are tons of howto` s like this one.

the rest is a dhcp/proxy thing. the wifi client needs a gateway to reach dest. outside his subnet or a proxy (socks).
i would` nt do this cause using tor is not secure with clients they could leak data.

look at this
please be creative! :wink:

A simple and highly configurable script

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I’ll look into it, thank you :slight_smile:

Interesting ill give it a look

Says theres no Wlan0 or eth0 on interface error with this script

I don’t follow. If there’s no wlan0(wireless NIC) or eth0(ethernet NIC) you no interface aka no connectivity. I don’t know what to say other than read the instructions and look at the many examples.

what shows:

ip ad sh


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