Can Parrot be installed on SD card?

I don’t have a SD Card to test it right now, but i often did read that while you can use persistence on USB/SD Card, it’s not possible to install the OS and boot from it.
Did anyone managed to install Parrot on either ? I want to buy a SD card but have to know if it works or not, because if it does not, i will buy a small capacity since live persistence use much less space.

Hi Noob

Please see this link.

Also included articles about live persistence hopefully that answers your questions.

Hey how are you doing? I try on usb and it dint work, but that was about a week ago, since then the OS had been updating constanly so, probably by now, it could work though. get a 6 GB sd card and try probably will work I use unetbooting to do the USB bootable

Thanks, but i know about live and persistence, i was talking about installing the system just like one would do on his computer. But after searching the link, i couldnt find an answer about what does persistence keep ? If you upgrade your system, will it roll back to the original one after reboot ? If you customize mate, will it be persistent, or is persistence only a partition to copy data on it so it is easily accessible ?

@5t4nl3y Hey, i tried yesterday with sandisk extreme 32gb, and i couldnt do it, i just used the

command in terminal to copy the iso on usb flashdrive, and then use the usb to boot in installation and install over SD card, but doing that way the problem is that though the system installed on the SD Card, i don’t think GRUB did, which is why it can’t be booted on.

So if you write the iso on your SD it will be bootable and you can add persistence, but so far i did not manage to install it.

Edit : Seems like most computer (if not all?) can’t boot from SD card, a way around is to get a usb flashdrive in which you can insert a SD Card, and you will be able to boot from it, but no installation though.

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Persistence means that it will continue to persist in that format. As long as the updates required are applied and saved they will stay there. So yes any updates or upgrades will stay in your USB saved partition. In regards to SD cards I don’t see them being any different to flash as long as you use the same format.

Hope this helps. Also to access the live persistence partition you may need to use the command line when booting into GRUB.

Hope this helps.

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Hi everybody,
I’d like to revive this topic just because it doesn’t seem solved to me.

My need is to install this OS to an USB disk, in the same way I’m used to do with other Linux flavour.
Just to better understand what I mean:

  • I start with the live ISO (4GB) and then install to another USB disk (64GB), also I put the boot loader in the same USB disk.
    In that way I have a complete linux installation in my usb DISK that I use always with my notebook.

I tried last Parrot release (4.9 Mate Home) and I saw that the installation app doesn’t show my 64GB USB disk as a target device. I guess this is not a bug but, may be, a feature that is missing for some reason.

May I ask you if there is the intention to add this feature to the installation app or if the “persistence mode” is and will be the only way to use this OS from an USB disk.

(one last thing just to suggest to update the link above that is outdated)

Thanks in advance