Cannot boot into ParrotSec OS

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Hi, I am not able to boot into my parrotsec os. It just gets stuck at “Started Update UTMP about System RunLevel Changes”.
Any idea on how to solve this?

Did you have any update pending?
Try to log in tty (ctrl+alt+f1) and do “sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Anyway look at /var/log/Xorg* files, and try to find out errors.

I am running parrotSec as a guest vm.
i performed a apt-get update && apt-get upgrade before this happened.
The Xorg logs say that the module vboxvideo and vesa cannot be found and /dev/dri/my card0 is not found.

Update: Upon greeted with grub, i went into additional options and booted the 4.14 parrot13 version and it worked. Only the 4.16 parrot5 doesn’t

I’m having the same issue, ran apt-get update and apt-get upgrade, rebooted - Initially had had the light dm issue, followed the post FAILED TO START LIGHT DISPLAY MANAGER? which fixed that issue - however not able to get past this. Have removed VM and reinstalled, initial install works fine - Prompts for update each time I do and reboot I hit the identical issue.