Cannot log into Desktop user account after creation.

I have Parrot Security OS MATE 5.7.0-2parrot2-amd64 GNU/Linux.

Everything is updated. I am trying to make a regular user after I have created an admin account. I successfully create the Desktop user account. (Has a special alpha numeric 13 character password.)

Issue: When I sign out of the Admin account and try to log into Desktop user account, it will not allow me. I even tried to go into admin and change the password of desktop and it says it’s incorrect. I’ve tried this process multiple times and even tried changing the password. Still won’t work. I need to use this for my CISCO training. I already have different Linux flavours for CompTIA but now need this to gain understanding. If anyone may please get back as soon as possible that would amazing.

(P.S. I would use Kali but I am fearful of using a malware/virus filled download even after doing a checksum256.)

you login as root account, if so
how did you make an account?
simply doing
useradd accountName will create an account called accountName
passwd accountName will ask for you to enter password and then you can do so.
After this, you can login with this with either tty terminal or try in terminal as well with su

This is what it said: “[FAILED] Failed to start FreeRADIUS multi-protocol policy server.”

where are you getting this error? on terminal or tty ?

image What is tty? I think it’s terminal.

This happens RIGHT after I try to log in.

I just want to say, thank you for your help and effort btw, it really does mean a lot man.

you can login as root right?

If I’m not mistaken, yes. I’m running VMWare mind you. I can log into Admin no problem.

did you try this?

Yes, exactly what you said to do. That’s what is giving me issues. The cmd prmpt pops up and disappears almost instantly. I have bitdefender free on my computer for the moment time being and constantly run Windows updates and run the virus scan to verify that there are no issues on my host computer (Which there is not). My host is completely clean. But I don’t know what’s wrong with the Parrot Security OS on VMWare :(.

ok so can you do
useradd -m newAccount replace newAccount with whatever account you want
then do passwd newAccount
basically that error happens when you create an account but with no home directory
now with -m flag creates home directory
and then login with the newAccount