cannot log into parrot-sec and grub does not work

  • **ParrotOS iso in use: Parrot-security-4.11.2_amd64.iso
  • Application used for flashing the iso: Balena Etcher, unetbootin

booted into parrot-sec and everything went perfectly, entered root pw etc and decided to reboot. after reboot, password no longer works. cannot boot into recovery mode, so tried to reboot from fresh boot-usb but cannot set it as the boot drive in grub. the drive shows as (hd2,gpt1) fat, but when i set root=(hd2,gpt1) and attempt to chainload /efi/boot/bootx64.efi i get no such file.

insmod part_gpt
insmod fat
insmod search_fs_uuid
insmod chain
search --fs-uuid --set=root (my uuid)

does not work either.

What to do here?