Cannot Log Out of Root!

Hey now,

I don’t know if i’m experiencing an issue or a bug… but I have not experienced this before.
I am running the Parrot .ova - Security Virtual Appliance; Parrot 4.7; Virtualbox 6.0.
Logged into Mate GUI Interface.

I created a new user in terminal.
Now i’m trying to log out of the root account and into the new account.
I select System - Logout User - Logout
The system then logs out and shows the login screen.
However, this is when things go weird…
When I get to the log in screen, the system automatically logs me back into root without giving me enough time to even switch the user account.
It lasts about 1-2 seconds, by the time i click the drop down to select my new user, boop, root logs back in again! Ahhh!

I tried removing all file and recreating the vm using the same .ova file but it continues to happen.
I don’t think this has anything to do with an “auto logon” type of issue but I could be wrong.

Let me know if anyone has any thoughts or should I just re-download and try again?


first if all: dont login as root!
i ve found THIS
pls try it!

Hi, thanks for the comment.

Correct, that’s the goal here.
I am trying to use a normal user account.
But how do I achieve that when I cant log into the user account?

When I boot the system from scratch, it automatically logs into Root…
When I try to log out of said Root user, it logs me right back into it.

So how do I stop this Root user from logging in automatically during boot up’s and log out’s?

Sorry I did not notice the link.
I am checking it out now.

Okay im gonna try this from the article.

The file /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf has the following code:


I commented out so now looks like:


This did not work.
I then tried changing ‘#autologin-user-timeout=2’ to ‘#autologin-user-timeout=false’…
but no luck there either.

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