Cannot remote into Parrot from Windows 10 (Solution)


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I installed Parrot os on a pendrive, enabled persistence and then followed the same page you did to try and enable XRDP:

I got it to work by adding “user” to the ssl-cert group and logging in from my Windows 10 pc as “user” password “toor”

I also set the display resolution to that of my pc though I don’t think had any effect!

ps. I’ve also tried in it vmware and virtualbox and Oracle virtualbox works best for me.

I have dual booted parrot OS and Windows 10 in a Lenova-Ideapad-110. Are there any solutions to remove Windows 10 and make Parrot as the only OS in my PC

I’m just checking it out at the moment and making sure it will do all the stuff I want before I go down that route.

I think the easy way to do it is when you first install - partition the disk so as you erase/delete the windows partition.

If you don’t want to reinstall look for help using gparted … maybe take a back up first :slight_smile:

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