Can't access Parrot servers

Briefly describe your issue below:
After upgrading to Parrot 4.3 anonsurf will open and access a website, but then loses communication with the Parrot server when I try to go to another website. I tried uninstalling and re-installing anonsurf but had the same problem. I decide to download Parrot 4.3 OS and re-install the OS. I tried the torrent which should be 1.78 gigabytes with my Ubuntu Mate OS. It tried to download a file that was 13.3 gigs. I gave up on that and tried the direct download through Sourceforge. It could not link to/find the server for the Parrot download, even though I tried different mirrors. Does anyone know what is going on with Parrot?

**What version of Parrot are you running? Parrot Home 4.3 upgraded from 4.2
What method did you use to install Parrot? Debian Standard

Configured to multiboot with other systems? yes dual boot Ubuntu Mate

If there are any similar issues or solutions, link to them below: No

If there are any error messages or relevant logs, post them below: Can’t find server

I dont have any problems. There is a chance the server was down briefly. You can find the parrotOS here

Thanks, I wasn’t able to download 4.3 from that link, but was from the DistroWatch page (4.3 home torrent) this morning and that had not worked all weekend either. There may have be some server problems. I will see if anonsurf is working better for me today too, before trying a re-install.

I have never had much luck with rolling distros, not sure if the upgrade from 4.2 caused the problem or if it is a server issue. At least when I tried to use upgrade Parrot warned me, I didn’t know you needed to use full-upgrade and was ruining those other systems (like Sparky Linux).

I used “sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade” which I believe is correct for a rolling distro dist-upgrade. Correct? Thanks anyway, I will get it working now somehow.

Strange, the links all work fine or me.

It is unlikely that re-installing anonsurf will fix any issues, as its just a script for starting/ configuring other applications. So any problems you are having, are more likely to be with other applications than anonsurf itself.

When it comes to updating, parrot has a script you can use that will handle it all for you. So you can just use sudo dist-upgrade (You can read it at /usr/bin/dist-upgrade if you are interested in what it does).

Not sure where you are from, I am from North America. It is not just Parrot, but I dual boot Ubuntu Mate and still could not download those files from the Parrot Servers. I am having no problems with Ubuntu Mate.

So you are saying you can connect to when using Ubuntu, but not when using parrot?.
You cant connect to on any device on your network? (I mean your using this forum).
You can use the internet fine, but if you start using anonsurf, you have problems?.

No, I can connect to Parrot unless I use Anon Surf. Some of Parrots download sites for the OS would not download on either Parrot of Ubuntu. The site you gave me could be accessed, but would not download again connection timed out.
I get connection timed out when I try to use Anon. I downloaded, verified, and re-installed Parrot 4.3 and still have the same problem. I can start Anon, the Anon start page loads. I can search, but when I try to go to that site I get connection timed out. I do not have this problem if not using Anon. I have changed exit mode numerous times. Nothing seems to help. It seems to be a server issue.

So the only way you can access is when you use anonsurf?.

Strange, sounds like someone is blocking something. Have you tried using a VPN or a proxy?, see if they work. You could try changing your DNS in /etc/resolv.conf. You can use nslookup that will tell you if your dns server can resolve the address.

I doubt it is a server issue, as i suspect other people would have reported problems.

Exactly backwards. I have trouble WHEN I USE ANON SURF

Ahhh i see. is the only site you have problems using once anonsurf has started?

we have multiple master servers in round-robin configuration serving the same files in the same way, if one node goes down, then another one takes its place automatically

the parrot master servers redirect you automatically to the nearest mirror server available

depending on where the exit node is, you may land on a mirror server that does not allow tor traffic

please download the images directly, in clearnet, and if you need further anonymity/privacy, or if you need to bypass an invasive firewall, then there are some additional solutions we could set up for you

My problems went away after the dist-upgrade to 4.4 and then the next software upgrade. It all seems to be working correctly now. I am still not sure what the problem was, but after accessing one of two websites in anon surf, everything timed out after that.