Can't boot from usb - new laptop

I just bought a Xiaomi Mi Air 12 Notebook 2018 (Chinese version) and Installed Windows 10 on it in UEFI/GPT mode. I’ve been trying to get it to boot the Tails USB stick I created and it won’t boot it regardless of whether I create the USB stick in UEFI/GPT or MBR Hybrid format. My iso is a hybrid.

When I originally overwrote the Chinese single-language version of Windows 10 Home, with the US English single-language version of Windows 10 home, it wouldn’t boot from the USB Stick I created with WOE-USB, so I had to use my external DVD for this. Even the DVD booted unreliably; but, I finally managed to get the English version installed and it’s running well. However, Windows 10 installed something called Boot Manager, which I’ve tried disabling; but I can’t change the boot order in the firmware to allow me to boot the USB Stick. When I try from within Windows 10, it tells me that “Secure Boot” failed; and I can’t find any setting to turn Secure Boot off.

The USB port appears to be working and I can boot Tails in legacy mode reliably; but if I want to actually “install” Tails, Parrot or any other linux distro, I want to install it in UEFI/GPT format; but I don’t think I can do this if I boot the linux installer in legacy mode. What can I do? Windows 10 seems to be designed to frustrate ANY attempt to install ANY other OS(s).

Does anyone know how to get Windows 10 to play nice with my USB sticks?:heart::heart::heart:

It looks like your device blocked the USB (secure boot?) and it is not Windows 10 fault

I’ve disabled secure boot and no change. Then I checked with a tool called EasyUEFI and it shows Windows 10 as first in the boot order before EFI USB Device and EFI CD/DVD. The trial period has expired, so I will either have to spend the $29.95 or find a way to edit the boot partition manually. Do you know of a way to do this?

Honestly i don’t know. I haven’t touched a laptop for a long time. And my old laptop didn’t have that issue so i have no idea about it. I am very sorry.

This might have already been carried out by the OP. However, just in case, I would suggest the following:

Google “Windows Media Creation Tool”, use it to download a Windows 10 ISO file. Then search again with google for “Rufus” and use this to create bootable usb drive.

Then look up make & model of laptop to find out how to access BIOS settings, set boot order to boot from USB first. Then re-install windows using this drive as a fresh install. Then, use torrent client to download ParrotOS again, and use etcher to create installer USB. Before running from USB, enter BIOS settings again, and disable secure boot. You may also need to enable legacy mode depending on UEFI being present or not.

This should allow you to boot from USB and install ParrotOS

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