Cant connect to any VPN

*-- Hi
i have parrot sec OS in my laptop now i wana connect to vpn but i cant
this error is showing after i try to use windscribe :

with notification and in journalctl:
Broadcast message from systemd-journald@Sina (Mon 2022-03-14 21:30:59 +0330): update-systemd-resolved[41097]: 'busctl' exited with status 1

for other VPN i cant see any error notification but so i cant connect to them

q2 : where is /var/log/syslog in parrot-sec OS ?

this is my OS version :


have you tried openvpn using a .ovpn file?

just type "sudo openvpn " into the terminal, and click and drag the .ovpn file in and press enter.

That tends to be a little more stable of a method in Debian in my experience.