Can't connect to internet

I recently dowload Parrot os everything work good, wifi detection work well but at the moment i go to mozilla to connect into the internet and cherche for something it just don’t work. And its can’t be a connection problem i’m like 30cm to my box and my phone other laptop work very good.

version of Parrot : 4.6

method use to install Parrot : Debian Standard

Configured to multiboot with other systems? no ( i install it into a external drive )

Parrot can use my wifi card but it can’t connect, i have the latest update, dowload the good driver, nothing work.
(Sorry if my problem is Childish i just started with this OS)
Thanks for your help !

Hello, I had such a problem with many networks, I solved it by resetting the router.

Hi !
Thanks for all your help at first, and i test different think with my router and in the command shell but nothing worked. I try ping and nslookup and it worked well. So i just reinstall all the parrot os and i don’t really know how know it work !
Thanks to all of you who help me even since the problem was in the installation i think lol.
Thnaks again!


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