Can't install nvidia drivers

Long story short: I recently moved home after living in a different country and bought a temporary computer which I now installed a fresh version of ParrotOS on.
I’ve never been a big fan of Intel or nvidia. But now I had to use it…

So I followed the GPU guide here on parrots website: “”.
Rebooted the computer and got the typical “blank screen blinking cursor”.
Went to the terminal by doing the F1 combo.
Purged nvidia and reinstalled -> Same problem
Purged bumblebee and reinstalled -> Same problem
Purged Primus -> Same problem
apt removed as well and still same problem.
Went backwards and tried to revert it all -> same problem

Also, trying to “startx” gave error “connection refused” or “connection timed out” or similar

I now reinstalled everything and it’s back to normal but I can’t even watch youtube without lags (internet works fine, download speed while downloading the nvidia drivers was 10mbps)
Is this problem linked to Or am I just doing something really really bad?

**Running ParrotOS v.4.6
Dualboot with Windows 7
Nvidia GT200 [GeForce GTX 260] and Intel® Core™ i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz

which device do you use?
on my old dell i have to disable optimus (in bios) and after that … all works fine after installing the nvidia driver only.
i know, there many posts here in the forum about nvidia and amd.
have a look at THIS
maybe it solves your problem.

Looks just like the same tutorial I followed besides from sudo update-initramfs -u… Could’ve caused the issue.

It’s a customized built with full Intel and Nvidia, Would do anything to get an AMD computer actually

yeah, amd rocks!!

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