Can't install Parrot-sec 4.2.1 32bit

I both burned to DVD and dd’d onto an 8GB USBKey. The USB key boots on my old N270 2GB RAM netbook. I then either install from the boot menu, or go into the live system, to a 16GB USB key (which takes hours). When i boot from that USB key, the system hangs.

Back at my main 64bit system, I created a VirtualBox 32-bit VM using the ISO file and installing to a VDI as usual. When I tried to boot the resulting VM, it hung from the boot menu or failed from the main menu. When I cut the Exec command out of the installer in the main menu and pasted it into a terminal, the response was

no suitable d-i init image found. aborting
umount: /lib/live/installer: no mount point specified.

I hope your team has access to some 32bit system for testing. If there’s anything further I can supply, let me know exactly what to do. I’ve some experience poking around linux systems.

start the installer from the boot menu

Currently testing with 4.2.2 via dd followed by Install from boot menu as described in OP 1st para . Still very slow xfr to 16K USBKey. Will add result when install finishes a few hours from now…

VirtualBox install now installs correctly, but can’t compile extensions. See attvboxadd-setup.log (42.8 KB)

Install to the 16G USB Key completed, but can’t boot with it. Just displays flashing underline cursor. Inspected its contents. 1st partition has boot flag set. grub.cfg shows correct uuid values and references the correct UUID, hd1,msdos1, and /dev/sdb1. In the boot directory, config, initrd-image,, and vmlinuz all reference 4.18.0-parrot8-686-pae. That’s everything I know to look at.

Let me know if there’s any further info you’re interested in. I guess the next step would be an mbr+grub reinstall chrooting from installation media? I’ll wait a few days to see whether you ome out with another release.

Doesn’t seem to be much helpful activity taking place here. But I’ll add my findings before abandoning my attempt to use Parrot 4.2.2.

It turns out that a 16GB is somewhat cramped for an Installation. I reinstalled to a 32GB key. I still didn’t end up with a bootable system, so I rebooted from the 8GB key with the dd’d system on it, and employed the “grub-reinstall using chroot” technique. After that I was able to reboot from the 32GB key, and I was led into the System Update function. However, after that completed without complaint, the system was in some weird state where I couldn’t access anything. When I went to shut down, everything hing. I had to power off the system. I put the key into another machine to fsck it after the dirty shutdown, where it unsurprisingly corrected numerous filesystem errors.

I could then boot from the key, but don’t have any confidence after the hundreds of corrections fsck performed.

All in all, this has NOT been a productive experience. I see no evidence of happy users anywhere on the support thread.