Can't login to my Parrot instalation after EFI partition was lost (triple boot scenario win7+win10+parrot)

I’m locked out my parrot installation. I had a problem with the EFI partition on a triple boot scenario (win7 + win10 + parrot)

had to rebuild grub menu, but I cannot login, error says something like “can’t access panel, root account is locked”

I can login with parrot live usb, but not in my hd installation
please help, I couldn’t find much info on this subject and I was not intending to do a full reinstall of parrot at the moment, there must be a solution

thank you

  • ParrotOS iso in use:

  • Application used for flashing the iso:

  • Logs/Terminal output (use pastebin or similar services):

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MY thoughts.
Before the problem started, did you run Windows update ? Win especially 10&11 [but also sometimes 7&8] are noted for breaking Linux boot installations, if this is the case, start by making sure windows quick start is disabled [some security updates will automatically turn it on]
If that doesn’t work, then you will need to re-install the Parrot grub
addendum, this article will tell you more about windows breaking Linux,

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thank you for the response

no updates from windows were made
but windows10 install was the first to be lost
parrot is the second victim so far hahah I hope it will be the last, God willing

I’ll take a loot at the article

There are more comprehensive articles if you google windows killed my Linux

If you can get the grub loader up [press and hold shift as you switch on], then you can use the repair tools found under the Linux advanced settings, if not then I suggest, You use a dedicated Boot Repair disc to boot straight to the graphical Boot Repair tool.

Can you provide more info? Does it not boot at all? Where are you seeing the above error, “can’t access panel”? Is Secure Boot disabled in BIOS? If it boots but doesn’t load the GUI you can CTRL + ALT + F1 to login with terminal. If you can do that I would suggest:

sudo update-initramfs
sudo update-grub