Can't run live and install in virtualbox


is there anyone facing problems with fresh install or only me?
i downloaded parrotsec security version yesterday.
tried to do test run on virtualbox and it’s stuck at
[ok] started update UTMP about syatem Runlevel changes.
there are two failed errors are there… one with light display manager, and other one is open vulnerability assessment manager…
When i try to install it, It’s failed to install…
I checked the hashes… they’re matching. can anyone help me out.

I tested this on new virtualbox 5.2.12
downloaded parrotsec security 4.0 x64…
thank you

Parrotsec live and install issues

I had a hard time as well. Two solutions.

  1. for light display manager: this has been resolved (Failed to start light display manager?)

  2. I had a difficult time installing past a point. My answer was I download the VDI for parrot 3.11 and upgraded that way. No issues.


this might fix that issue if i installed 3.11 and upgrade it in my computer. but in my case I have to fresh install or run as live on virtualbox or my pc.

(Renji Eneskey) #4

I had the same issue too installing parrot as well as kali. What fixed my problem was to increase the disk storage from 10GB (default was 8GB) to 20GB.
Good luck.


I used to allocate 10GB when i install it on virtualbox. cuz i used to install custom script alot.
It didn’t work. It’s actually solved in parrotsec 4.1.
I’ve installed it and using it.