Can't upgrade due to high ram usage.


I use parrot virtual machine version 4.6.

When i try to update&upgrade fresh install, it fail to work.
During the upgrading process, the 4gb ram space I use simply getting overwhelmed getting to 99.8% usage, and the process fail. sometimes the entire thing get stuck completely and I have to reboot.

I would like to know if I did something wrong? 4gb of ram space should be enough, isn’t it?
Is this a known problem?
What can i do so solve this issue? except from the obvious which is increasing my ram?

I uploaded 2 photos in order to show what’s going on. In the first pic, my ram usage is almost full. In the second picture, the ram usage drops completely after the upgrading task fails to complete.


It could be a problem from apt. Maybe it is a memory leak in TLS because we are using HTTPS severs. I confirm the bug because i got that problem last month.

1.start the pc
2.dont login -> press Strg+Alt+F1
3.log in
4.sudo parrot-upgrade

This method worked for me

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