Cant use WiFi after full tools install

After using the Security Edition (4.6) for 2 weeks now I decided to install all the tools.
I ran “apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade” and then “apt install parrot-tools-full”.
After the long wait for it to fully install (I don’t remember what it was that popped up (maybe it was iwlwifi) but I remember something about running a program as a server instead of as a service, maybe this could be it?) I no longer had working Wi-Fi. I can see access points but I cannot connect to them no matter what.
It was working fine before.
Help is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Try reboot and/or restarting the networking/network-manager service + bringing the interface down and then up again

restarting network-manager solved the issue.
I do not know why I didn’t do that earlier.
thank you

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