(Akito Kitsune) #1

How can categories be added to the forum?

(Paal) #2

Administrators can make changes to categories as normal, and expect a few more to come since we’re still ironing out our new community portal.

If there’s something missing or that needs changed, this thread is a good place to post about it.

(Akito Kitsune) #3

That’s why I tried to add another category, but I don’t see any option to do so. The admin panel has only stats but no settings.

(Paal) #4

That’s because you’re a moderator and not an administrator.

(Akito Kitsune) #5

Okay, I told pali about it already, so I thought he fixed it.


It doen’t make sence to have so many admins.
If a moderator neer something, he could talk with the admins, thats it.

(Paal) #7

Considering moving the team subcategories out as well as making the Site Feedback section a category as well. Thinking it will be easier to see activities, but since there are too many languages to speak of the community section should stay as it is.