Category Request

I was thinking about how to accelarate problem solving and help users of Parrot better. Therefore I figured after making some notes and conclusions, that we can add a “Troubleshooting Guide” category. The category will have only locked topics that have extensive guides on how to solve common problems or instructions on how to setup something common. E.g. one guide might be “Network troubleshooting Guide” which takes the user through many steps of routine check-up when there is a connection issue. Most problems would probably be solved by the user himself, without filling the forum and making us repeat easy instructions like that every single time. So that would save a lot of time and trouble.

Ideally, some generic topics like “network troubleshooting” or similar can probably be ported from Debian-dedicated websites and be adjusted to Parrot which should make them ready to be used very quickly. The more interesting and important guides for Parrot would of course be something like “Guide to anonsurf” or “How to correctly set up a safe connection to the internet” or “Sandboxing Guide to Firejail”. These are all special topics pretty much entirely dedicated to this OS and there are many people having trouble with that. That said, even without an issue or problem this might make Parrot users smarter and make them understand how to use the OS more efficiently and better overall.

So far that’s my vision for that category.

The guides are submitted by sending it to the “Proposals” sub-category so those can be “open-sourced” which means that every community member can contribute to it. Once a guide is finished and has ALL necessary and correct information, it can be released into the actual “Troubleshooting Guide” category where every user can take advantage of some pre-made guides regarding common issues/projects/setups.

I am still working on a correct and clear description for the category.


Guides are always welcome, but in terms of manhours it’s my thought that we should complete the new edition of Parrot documentation first.

Generally I think these kinds of guides (i.e. “Sandboxing Guide to Firejail”) exist elsewhere already, maybe linking to the ones that exist instead of rewriting and having to maintain a new set of guides might make more sense.

At the end of the day, whether there’s a category or not, the guides still need to be written - at that point they could even be included in a chapter in the docs as opposed to a subcategory on the forums, but that’s more preferential than anything.

So while I think it’s a good idea to collect this info together, I think this is covered by the support section for now, and when we have some guides in our pocket, let’s make a subcategory or add them into the docs according to what ends up being better organized.


a Hardware section has been requested. Im not sure about the viability due to the crazy large scope. we could never have everything but we could start compiling a user curated list of what has issues what is supported etc

good idea, hardware support is important for this forum

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I think that this is not only a good idea, but necessary, if you want to continue to increase your user base. Not everyone is operating at the same skill, or knowledge level, and some instructions for common problems is crucial. Questions on these kinds of problems are largely ignored on this forum.

It’s being worked on both for support and for other hardware topics.