Change MAC Address Random Intervals: Script

EDIT: Corrected instructions to make setup work for current version in response to user thread (changed variables/fixed typos/cleaned up post)

Pairs well with Parrot Linux’s Anonsurf. Functions well for Red Teams who need to use tools like KISMET, travellers who want to maintain privacy in department stores, in public, travelling etc.

This may be updated over time as new functions are added. Only requires bash.


1.) Download maccleaner & OUI files at repository link (download/extract):

2.) Make maccleaner directory for OUI files by issuing:

sudo mkdir /usr/share/maccleaner

Issue these commands to copy maccleaner script to /usr/bin and make executable to make maccleaner a new command:

sudo cp /usr/bin/maccleaner

sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/maccleaner

3.) Place & files in /usr/share/maccleaner:

cp OUI.* /usr/share/maccleaner

4.) Then just run maccleaner command using sudo (you can also run as script if you do not want as command):

sudo maccleaner

Wifi Passive Sniffers/Access Points track all by MAC address (broadcast) maccleaner applies randomized valid macs to change MAC address continuously at completely random, changing times. Pick the shortest possible random -> longest possible time between changes by editing the 2 variables at beginning of the script.

Why automate changing MAC address continuously randomly in ever changing time intervals? Tracking depends on patterns.

Extra MAC addresses at continually random changing times may make it more of a needle in a haystack of MAC addresses situation when travelling.

  • Department stores track MAC addresses to identify customers when they walk in/pay at register

  • Facebook now harvests not only your mac address but also arp harvests all mac addresses on the same network as you, allowing them to track/map your movements

and that is just the beginning of mac address tracking…

It prints mac history/how many sec since last change in mac (may help pinpoint packet analysis)

Want to add a launcher button for it at the top of MATE desktop in Parrot?
Do the following:

Save script.

 *** IMPORTANT *** put list of valid OUI's in /usr/share/maccleaner directory
 to ensure valid MAC address generation/creation. It can be downloaded 
 at my Github link directly above this set of instructions. It comes with the 
 downloaded package but was too many lines (over 9,000+) to be included
 in this post.

sudo cp maccleaner /usr/bin (this puts in in path for command execution)

sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/maccleaner

Rightclick top panel, click "Add To Panel". 

Then "Create Application launcher". 

Select Application and change it to "Application in terminal." 

Command for the launcher: `sudo maccleaner` (also make sure you change from "Application" to 
"Application in Terminal")

Now clicking the panel button will launch a terminal displaying status
of MAC changes including seconds from last MAC change (in case
you want a status window to keep an eye on MAC addresses.

Here are reference articles on MAC address tracking users
might find of interest. MAC address tracking is extremely popular
and reaches us everyday.:

Great video on Facebook now harvesting all mac addresses in your networks via app:


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