Change Time language

Hi, i newly did a reinstall of parrot security os MATE 4.10 . Now , when i set the date and region it changes to arabic (the week name, the date in bash…) i live in UAE … but i need the date and time to be in english . how can i change this … but i dont have this problem in parrot installed in another PC with the same region .

I guess you installed the system using Live installer? I don’t remember about Debian installer but the live installer, Calamares, auto selects date time language and i agree with you it is a little bad.
Here is the link that should give you the answer
For example, my LC time settings in /etc/


It means /etc/localte.conf and /etc/default/locale should have variable LC_TIME=en_GB.UTF-8
So please try edit both file with root permission, reboot and feel free to ping me in this topic if you can’t edit it
P/s: Actually there is a command should work on Parrot as well sudo localectl set-locale LC_TIME=en_US.utf8. This is from the same topic in URL i copied above.


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