Change zsh + Default root login

someone help me how to login default as root in parrot and i want to change zsh in parrot so please help me thanks

The chsh command will allow you to change your default shell to zsh (if that is what you are asking).

It really isn’t good practice to login as root and can be a security issue.

Suggestion: Use sudo su to get a root shell quickly.

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I agree it’s not a good idea to enable root login long term however it sure makes things easier to login as root occasionally.
I edited the /etc/ shadow file…
Find root user …
It will be right at the top followed by it’s permissions.
The first spot after the colon will be an exclamation point, change this to an Asterix. This makes the root have no password… that’s REALLY not good. Save that and exit.
You can now change the root password to what ever you want with “sudo passwd root”
The Boys at parrot would recommend doing what you gotta do and then go back to the shadow file…
You will see root now has a password hash…
Delete that and put that exclamation point back in there and you’ll disable the root user again
Good lucknow
If you keep root login enabled make sure the password is long and weird
Actually I don’t think the boys at Parrot would recommend any of this

Indeed, logging in as root is an extremely bad idea. As the GUI runs as root you are exposing the huge attack surface of it to way too much permissions. That means that any flaw in the code, any malicious website you could visit, could end up fatal.

Also, the system wasn’t build to be exclusively ran as root, hence you should expect weird bug and no support from us by doing this.

Last but not least, any mistake you can do while running commands, can end up fatal.