Changing from MATE to XFCE, rm'd pwrmngr

So when i downloaded ParrotOS to replace the kali i was running as my daily driver, i figured i would eventually swap MATE to XFCE

When i shut down my laptop last night, i had the screenlight dimmed because i wanted to keep the battery going a bit longer, i try not to leave the laptop hooked up

–I had tried to download xfce earlier but never got it to work, just let it sit there unused for a bit–

I get to the library today, and when i load up, it loads into XFCE. WHich would be good, except it completely forgot how to use the sound up/down and the screenbrightness up/down buttons on my Fkey row. using the Fn key doesn’t work, other custom Fkeys worked, but xfce didn’t .

Eventually got it to boot into mate again, where i could access the battery icon /power manager and change the brightness.

Parrot GNU/Linux 4.6 x86_64 - on an i3 6100U

Installed from a USB 2.0 made with dd from kali
Not configured to multiboot

I’d just like to see more hardware compatability through different DE’s. I have no idea why MATE knows my mute button, but XFCE doesn’t, even though kali XFCE understood it

(PS how do i remove the traffic light GUI From MATE, i don’t mind everything else except the goddamm traffic lights. i hate them more then i hate the default over/under bars.)

XFCE is fast but lack of features. I have no idea why MATE knows my mute button, but XFCE doesn’t, even though kali XFCE understood it means you are missing packages for XFCE

hmm. i am a big fan of xfce, i’d like to help support parrot os adopt a more minimalistic DE, if only for me, who’s running with 4gig ram and a cheap i3. How do i go about offically increasing xfce support for Parrot OS? I’m building skills for my resume rn and i feel it would be a fun productive project

also i’m sorry i know this is noob, but how can i kill the traffic light controls in mate? I can handle having a few weird things that are not xfce but ffs i can’t tolerate this goddamm OSX holdover.

I am using dell vostro 2420. There older it is, the slower it be. I installed xfce4 for it as well. But as i have use, xfce4 lack of so many feafures: power management, lock screen are ‘i have this feature’ level, lack of useful apps (i have to install gnome-screenshot and others for it). I dont say it is a bad DE but you must do so manything to make it be useful

i agree with you, but if i could get it to the level of functionality that kali xfce was running at, it would be roughly 50% more efficent

I could run my laptop as a pdf reader and light code editor for about 6-7 hours in kali xfce, while my current laptop can manage about 4 hours with Parrot OS and MATE. i’m not saying i expect miracles, but i do like the idea of a more lightweight version for people who are not blessed with huge hardware.

just remove firejail and apparmor (and be prepared to work on an unsafe system), and toggle some mate widgets

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